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This guy is driving me crazy.

匿名 said: I just wanna kik or nap. Got an Easter party later. Keep me company lol

I just want to finish my kdramas and sleep… Which is exactly what I will do since I just got home hahaha

匿名 said: Best of luck with all ur stuff. And happy Easter! ! :) -rusty

Happy Easter to you and all~

I have countless exams to take, PowerPoint presentations to present, projects to be finished, speeches to be heard, papers to be written, a story to sign and interpret, and a painting to get done. I can do it all.. but someone please just kidnap me before I fake my death.
Have a good day and to also to those celebrating Easter.

匿名 said: hello single chiizumoo, after wandering tumblr. I got lost and came back here. how are you?

Hello anon haha
I’m tired
Just got home from a party
And I am truly exhausted